Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson versus Susas Boyle: Twilight crew take a run at Internet ascendancy.

As though the Irish didn't have enough to worry about, what with their tanking economy and all, now they've found a new threat to give reason to drown themselves in their pints of Guinness. reports that Robert Pattinson's Team Twilight threatens to pilfer Susan Boyle's YouTube hits crown.
Say it ain't so, Muldoon.

And why is Ireland all aquiver as Twilight sequel New Moon trailers are poised to exceed Boyle's I Had a Dream excerpt from Britain's Got Talent in the Internet sweepstakes?
It's more than Celtic unity. The website points out that the erstwhile Scottish songstress is actually...wait for it...the daughter of Irish parents. So her stunning record of 286 million YouTube hits being challenged by Englishman Pattinson and crew's 220 million hits is cause for distress. And since, New Moon isn't due for release until Nov. 20, Boyle's triumph appears in jeopardy as English perfidy again threatens the noble Irish ramparts - this time in cyberspace.

The Celts won't buckle to the Twihard Army without a mouse-driven donnybrook, though. The call is out to Irish and Scot patriots, at home and in exile, to take up their desktops, laptops, iPhones and other digital weaponry and click, click, click on Susan's song until I Dreamed a Dream regains its legendary velocity.
Will the Twilight crowd respond to the rebel challenge? Currently shooting the third of the Twilight tome, Eclipse, in Vancouver, the brooding Pattinson has revealed nothing of his Internet strategy.
As for Susan Boyle, her dream refuses to die.

Robert Pattinson VS Susan Boyle? I'll go with Susan for now. lol


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