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10 things you have to know about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been talked about in a lot of magazines and have grazed the covers of many in recent times. However, we think as fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart there are 10 thinks that you absolutely have to know about:

1. "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is the second installment of their Twilight series movies that is set to hit the screens on November 20th, 2009.

2. Robert Pattinson has an extensive background in modelling, acting as well as music. Pattinson plays guitar and piano, and composes his own music.

3. Pattinson has admitted to taking a quarter of a Valium to calm his nerves before auditioning for Twilight.

4. Kristen Stewart for all her polularity is still only 19 years old.

5. Stewart has expressed a desire to live and work in Australia, saying, "I want to go to Sydney University in Australia. My mom's from there."

6. "New Moon" will be Miss Stewart's 10 movie where she has a lead role.

7. This year's MTV Music Awards show a heavy dosage of the New Moon movie as the movie was promoted all out in the event.

8. Pattinson appeared in the advertising campaign for Hackett's Autumn 2007 collection.

9. New Moon's soundtrack comprises songs that are all original and exclusive to the soundtrack and are performed by various indie rock and alternative rock artists.

10. And finally, though how much you want to believe, there are no confirmed reports of them going out together as a couple.

Ohhhh. I think we could disregard number 10! lol

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Newest Edward and Bella poster put up this new “Twilight Saga : New Moon” movie poster (above). It prominently displays Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) embracing along with the majority of the other cast members in the background.

In the left background, it shows Emmet Cullen (Kellan Lutz) and Rosalie Hale played by Nikki Reed. Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) is displayed on the bottom right side. Then on the top right background, Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) stares intensely. And then behind Jasper, are the Cullen parents, Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) and Esme Cullen played by Elizabeth Reaser.

The poster looks amazing. The whole cast are currently working on the follow-up to “New Moon,” entitled, “Twilight Saga : Eclipse”, over in Vancouver,Canada. It promises to have a lot more action,and a darker tone.

“Twilight Saga : New Moon” hits theaters on November 20,2009. “Twilight Saga : Eclipse” comes out on June 30,2010.


Jacob Black and the Wolfpack Newest Poster

In this latest official “Twilight Saga : New Moon” movie poster Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse movie star, Taylor Lautner is shown leading the wolf pack. Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black in the movie,and he looks real intense in this poster. He looks like he’s about to start somethin.

In the background, it shows the rest of the the wolf pack members,looking just as intense as Jacob. All the members are currently shooting “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” over in Vancouver,Canada at the moment,but “Twilight Saga: New Moon” is set to hit theaters on November 20.

In “New Moon” Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) will help Bella come out of her deep depression, after Edward leaves her to go to Italy. Then Bella will rush to Italy after she finds out that Edward is about to kill himself because he thinks Bella is dead. It’s going to have really great fight scenes and plenty of drama.


Monday, September 21, 2009

3 in 1 New Moon Trailer!

Mash-up of three trailers for 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'

With the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, fans got a glimpse at the birthday and papercut fiasco, the break-up, Laurent, and Jacob as a werewolf. In the "Meet Jacob Black" feature, Jacob was put under a brighter spotlight, with Taylor Lautner narrating the transition of Jacob throughout the film. With the third trailer, so many more details and scene shots were introduced - particularly with regard to the Volturi, Bella's hallucination-seeking, and Edward's encounter with Italian "royalty."

Some of the scenes between these three were repeated, and some intermixed. In any case, there is certainly a timeline that can be drawn through the various snippets presented in the three trailers.
A proactive YouTuber has taken the time to mash together these three trailers in what he or she perceives to be the correct schematic film timeline. From the looks of things, it's not far from the mark!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Moon 3rd Official trailer

Let's take another look guys.

Friday, September 18, 2009

“Twilight” Stars Take the VMA Stage

Taking the stage to wild ovations, the stars of the “Twilight” saga were on-hand at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (September 13).

In attendance to show off a new clip from “New Moon,” Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner teamed up for the debut duties.

As previously reported by Gossip Center, the trio have been busy as of late working on the third installment of the hit series, “Eclipse”.

Filming in Vancouver, Rob, Kristen and Taylor all recently flew in from their Vancouver filming locale for the VMA promotional duties.

See more photos here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kristen Stewart ‘Scared of Vampires’

The actress — who plays Bella in the vampire movie franchise Twilight — apparently keeps pouches of garlic everywhere — including in her car, her dressing room and on her bedroom door.
“People are always remarking how smelly it is, but Kristen doesn’t care,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “She’s been afraid of vampires for years, even before she signed up to do the movies, and read somewhere that garlic is supposed to repel them.”
Although Kristen might be scared of vampires, the 19-year-old — who’s currently dating her Twi costar Robert Pattinsondoes admit she finds them sexy.
“Well, classically vampires are meant to draw you in, just to the point where they have you in a complete submitting state to where they can kill you,” Kristen recently revealed.
“So that’s a bit sexy, to give yourself to something to accept, to let something take over. It’s forbidden fruit, something you can’t have but you want more.”


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson versus Susas Boyle: Twilight crew take a run at Internet ascendancy.

As though the Irish didn't have enough to worry about, what with their tanking economy and all, now they've found a new threat to give reason to drown themselves in their pints of Guinness. reports that Robert Pattinson's Team Twilight threatens to pilfer Susan Boyle's YouTube hits crown.
Say it ain't so, Muldoon.

And why is Ireland all aquiver as Twilight sequel New Moon trailers are poised to exceed Boyle's I Had a Dream excerpt from Britain's Got Talent in the Internet sweepstakes?
It's more than Celtic unity. The website points out that the erstwhile Scottish songstress is actually...wait for it...the daughter of Irish parents. So her stunning record of 286 million YouTube hits being challenged by Englishman Pattinson and crew's 220 million hits is cause for distress. And since, New Moon isn't due for release until Nov. 20, Boyle's triumph appears in jeopardy as English perfidy again threatens the noble Irish ramparts - this time in cyberspace.

The Celts won't buckle to the Twihard Army without a mouse-driven donnybrook, though. The call is out to Irish and Scot patriots, at home and in exile, to take up their desktops, laptops, iPhones and other digital weaponry and click, click, click on Susan's song until I Dreamed a Dream regains its legendary velocity.
Will the Twilight crowd respond to the rebel challenge? Currently shooting the third of the Twilight tome, Eclipse, in Vancouver, the brooding Pattinson has revealed nothing of his Internet strategy.
As for Susan Boyle, her dream refuses to die.

Robert Pattinson VS Susan Boyle? I'll go with Susan for now. lol


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Vampire Vocabulary

Unlock your inner vampire vocabulary - Defining Twilight

It seems as though the fascination with vampires has actually inspired a remarkable technique for learning. Brian Leaf has compiled 600 vocabulary words taken from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book to help master standardized tests. Although the book cover states that it is a vocabulary workbook for unlocking the SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT, it can be very helpful to anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary skills.
Defining Twilight is an ingenious way to capture the attention of anyone who is interested in the Twilight saga. Using the Defining Twilight book in conjunction with a copy of Twilight, one can become very well versed in new terminology. Brian follows Defining Twilight with Defining New Moon which will be released in October. If you are in the minority and have not read the Twilight saga, then you should start reading and grab your copies of Defining Twilight and Defining New Moon to go along with it to improve your vocabulary skills. Who knows when knowing the color ocher might come in handy?

So, unlock your inner vampire and learn the meanings of words that Edward and other Twilight vampires have used. If you do, when you read Twilight again you might just understand it a little more.


Monday, September 14, 2009

'Eclipse' Director David Slade Posts Taylor Lautner Set Pics

Here at MTV News, we wouldn't want to imagine a world without "Twilight" or Twitter. It would be an unforgiving world, devoid of our favorite vampire/human love story and the easiest way for those involved in the saga's movie franchise to communicate with fans. The dual forces of "Twilight" and Twitter combined over the weekend to deliver some excellent updates about "Eclipse," the third film in the series, which is currently in production in Vancouver.
On Saturday, director David Slade posted a close-up head shot of Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black. "Mr. Taylor Lautner," Slade explained. "A photo I took during early camera lighting tests. Not a whisker in sight."

Saturday was also a day for rehearsals with Kristen Stewart (Bella), Rob Pattinson (Edward) and Billy Burke (Bella's father). How do we know? Slade tweeted about it: "Third week of shooting just hours away. Preparation, preparation, preparation."
The next day, Slade posted another picture of Lautner, though this one didn't even show his face. What it did show was the actor in midair in a forest, flipping upside down with one leg sticking into the air. Pretty cool stuff.

"Yes, that is him mid back flip," Slade wrote. "He does it from standing still."
The director wasn't the only Twilighter using social networking over the last few days to share info. Burke tweeted that he arrived in Vancouver on Friday night and had to rest up for an early start on Saturday.
"Someone gets a cap and gown," he wrote, hinting about a scene he'd be shooting. (Sure enough, photos of a graduation ceremony shoot popped up over the weekend.)
And while many of the film's stars are active on Twitter, Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) commandeered co-star Peter Facinelli's account to make one thing clear.
"Hi, Nikki Reed here," she wrote. "Sitting with Fach. Just searched and found dozens of posers. I don't have Twitter. Please don't follow them!!! Scary!"


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylor Lautner's Fans Sometimes "Stop Breathing" When They See Him!


Taylor Lautner - who's still only 17 - sits down for an interview with Interview magazine, dishing about the Twilight series, how he had to bulk up for the New Moon sequel (the kid gained 30 pounds!) and what it's like having so many sudden fans...

Apparently, there are two types of fans: "The cries, who come around quite often," says Taylor, and "the hyperventilators, who stop breathing and have to have a medic come." Whoa, that's a little intense!

But what we really wanna know is if he hangs out with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart off set! "The whole cast is really close," Taylor admits. "If we’re out at dinner, we’ll just randomly start talking about the scene we’re shooting the next day."

Aww, sounds like one big, happy family!

Except for the whole love triangle thing.


New 'New Moon' Trailer Includes More Edward, More Volturi

Fans asked and Summit Entertainment has delivered. The second full-length "New Moon" trailer contains everything the first teaser trailer and the "Meet Jacob Black" trailer have not: more Volturi, more werewolves and more visions of Edward. The newest trailer is being shown before screenings of "Sorority Row" (out today), but an extended version will also be exclusively shown at the VMAs on Sunday, presented by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Download our special "New Moon" countdown widget here to be sure you don't miss the start of the VMAs. Once the super-exclusive trailer airs on TV, it will turn into a video player, for your viewing, and re-viewing, pleasure!

If the focus of the "New Moon" teaser trailer was on the breakup, and the focus of "Meet Jacob Black" was, obviously, to introduce a new werewolf Jacob, then the focus of this newest trailer is on what comes next. Most of the clip is set in Italy at the end of the film, when Bella is (spoiler!) trying to stop Edward from killing himself by turning himself over to the Volturi.

But there is much more to the trailer than just Alice's shiny yellow Porsche. The element that will probably get the most people excited is the inclusion of Dakota Fanning as the evil vampire Jane (only briefly glimpsed in the last trailer), who has the power to create illusions of pain. The new trailer opens up with a shot of her in Volturi garb and then shows the rest of the Volturi guard before revealing Michael Sheen's Aro — the head of the Volturi — snapping a poor human's neck.

The trailer then hits lightly on Edward breaking up with Bella and the heartbreaking shot of her lying bereft on the forest floor. But it quickly moves on to Bella seeing a vision of Edward with his car at Forks High, and then we see Jacob comforting her after the fact. One of the locations the twosome are sitting at is the movie theater in the scene Mike Welch and Taylor Lautner fought so hard to keep in the film.

Director Chris Weitz showed how he kicked the CGI up to the next level by including clips of Bella trying to outrace visions of Edward on her motorcycle and a lot more of the cliff jump than was showed in "Meet Jacob Black." It is almost a work of art as Bella is floating under the water and sees Edward hovering upside down next to her after her jump. When an arm comes to pull her out of the water, she reaches out to touch Edward, and the illusion gets muddled and washed away.

The rest of the trailer revolves around Alice telling Bella about Edward's plan, Bella's epic run to save him, hints of some abs as Edward prepares to walk shirtless into the sunlight and some shots of the Volturi looking ready to kill spliced with a full wolf pack transformation. Bella's token line, "No, Edward, don't!" is thrown in for good measure, and the trailer ends on a high note, with Jane stating, "This may hurt just a little."

It will be interesting to see what extra footage will be added to the trailer at the VMAs, though an extension of any of the scenes shown will be something to look forward to. In the spirit of "Twilight Saga" clips shown at MTV awards shows, whatever is shown is sure to be enough to whip fans into a frenzy.


Friday, September 4, 2009

The new and improved look for Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen from 'Twilight' to 'New Moon'

Of course, Twilight star Ashley Greene is incredibly gorgeous. The twenty-two year old actress could easily traipse around town in a paper sack and still be a thing of significant beauty.
Her character, Alice Cullen, is quite the same, according to the books. Graceful, sweet, beautiful, and charming, Alice is a character that embodies the Shakespearian notion of life as a stage.
Another important feature about Alice Cullen is the fact that she has an impeccable sense of style and glamour. Throughout the novels, her interest in fashion becomes more and more explored, and we get to know Alice Cullen as the fashionista that she is by the time Breaking Dawn rolls around.
In Stephenie Meyer's original Chapter 20 for Twilight entitled "Flight," an outtaken sequence involving Alice and Bella would have revealed, early on, that aspect of her character. Said Meyer about the deletion, "This chapter slowed down the page of the "hunt" part of the story, but I feel like I cut out a lot of Alice's personality when I sacrificed it."
In later books, to be sure, that part of her personality was clearly revealed, even to the extent of Edward explaining that his entire family's wardrobe is compliments of Alice's handiwork.
In Twilight, though, Alice's style might've been a little underplayed. The Twilight Saga: New Moon, on the other hand, seems to be vamping up that presentation.

This photograph, thanks to Twilighters Anonymous and the Lion Lamb Community, shows a much more fashionable Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen.
Trimmed with all of the accessories and extras known to be regarded by Greene's character, it is clear from this photo that the spotlight on Alice's clothing prowess is coinciding nicely with the development of that factor in the book series.

OMG! Ashley Green is so damn gorgeous! And her looks as Alice is indeed better here in New Moon photo than Twilight!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Twilight: New Moon - Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart kiss pic

 The New Moon trailer was entitled “Meet Jacob Black” omitted much, five crucial things, according to MTV movie news as reported below:  (Meet Jacob Black 2nd official trailer can be watched at the end of this article.)
The Cliff Dive — Kristen Stewart told us long ago that Bella’s pivotal cinematic near-suicide will be CGI, and we’ve got to admit: We’re still a bit concerned. Fan-made videos like this one give us an idea of some things to expect from what could be the most powerful moment in “New Moon,” but so far, nothing official. Come on, Chris Weitz — cough it up!

Fight Scenes — Although Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight” won the hearts of millions of women, it won’t be stealing men away from sports and “Star Trek” sequels anytime soon. Now, with male directors in place for the next two films — and increasingly darker, more action-oriented plotlines to come — it’s time to start convincing the dudes that seeing “New Moon” will do more than put you in your lady’s good graces. But what have we glimpsed so far? Shirtless Jacob, shirt-open Edward, shirtless wolf pack. “Fight Club” gave the same number of abs, but also brought along just as many punches to the face — so bring back the honey and chicken, already!

The Vanishing Volturi — As any good Twilighter knows, the Volturi feature prominently not only in “New Moon,” but also in the overall arc of the “Twilight” saga. So, why have they become the J.D. Salinger of the film series? We want full-on, official shots of Aro, Caius, Marcus and the rest. No more slowing down video clips to see if that’s Michael Sheen in the background — it’s time to bring out the big guns.
“New Moon” Trailer: Meet Jacob Black

 Quil Be Seeing You — Everybody’s got their own favorite quasi-obscure “Twilight” character, and mine is Jacob’s “wingman” Quil Ateara. We know he’s played by Tyson Houseman in the film, but we haven’t seen so much as a publicity shot yet. Sure, some might laugh — but I’ll be wearing a “Team Quil” shirt when I see the film on opening night. Which reminds me of a second complaint: Why has no one invented “Team Quil” T-shirts yet?

It Ain’t Easy Being Human— They’re the nicest people in the world and the backbone of the “Twilight” film series: Mike Welch, Christian Serratos, Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick, Billy Burke and others. But although these fan favorites are among the most visible at “Twilight” conventions and other events, we haven’t seen so much as a glimpse of them in the “New Moon” trailers. It’s bad enough that these guys don’t get to pretend they have superhuman powers, the ability to live forever or even a clue as to all the craziness going on in Forks. “Twilight” is nothing without the humanity that Stephenie Meyer injected into it — here’s hoping that Weitz remembers that element as he’s working all those long hours and late nights in the “New Moon” editing bay.”
Despite what MTV claims is missing, the trailer has plenty of eye candy including the ripped bod of Taylor Lautner, a love-torn Robert Pattinson and new cast member, Dakota Fanning. Regardless of what MTV news feels is lacking, fans will be sure to get the full fill of Team Jacob and Team Robert in the sequel. Most fans have stated that they are having mixed feelings about Bella being with Taylor and having Edward leave Bella but only time will tell at the box-office. A movie trailer should only give hints as to what the film will entail, not tell the entire story in a few moments.  Its a good thing that these five things are missing from the trailer, if they were all in the advertisement, what would be left to see in the actual movie? Devoted fans are counting the days until it opens and the numbers will be a tell-tale sign whether the film lacks or not.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" casts Leah and Seth Clearwater

Filming is underway on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and according to several sources, the much-coveted roles of Leah and Seth Clearwater have been cast.

As fans know, Summit Entertainment held an open casting call for the roles back in June, and until now, no official announcements had been made in regards to casting. But according to Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, Julia Jones and BooBoo Stewart are filling the roles of Leah and Seth.

Jones is a model/actress and has appeared in several episodes of ER. Stewart has an impressive resume for having only been born in 1994. He's appeared in episodes of Everybody Hates Chris and Dante's Cove.
What do you think of the cinematic Seth and Leah?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photos from Eclipse graduation scene filming

OMG! They are already filming Eclipse!? Gee, I get too much hyped whenever I read these kinds of updates. Too exciting! Ha!

More pictures of the graduation scene HERE.