Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon Updates: Kristen Stewart Interview

Earlier today, the massive Los Angeles press junket for Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” began. All weekend the cast is going to be doing tons of interviews and I’d imagine you’re going to be reading the coverage on every website you follow. So rather than wait till the week of release, I’m going to be jumping in head first and posting what was said as fast as I can get it done. And up first… Kristen Stewart.

While at last year’s press junket for the first “Twilight” film, I got the sense that the massive worldwide interest was a bit much for this talented young actress. But, on stage today, she not only handled the media like a pro, she seemed a lot more comfortable being closely associated with Bella Swan. In fact, she seemed really happy to be talking about the movie. So if you’d like to read or listen to what Kristen Stewart had to say about “New Moon”, hit the jump and take a look:

As always, you can either read a transcript of the press conference or listen to the audio by clicking here.

Finally, while I’d love to write what I thought about the movie as I saw it last night, Summit Entertainment has given us a strict embargo. Sorry.

Question: A year ago when we talked to you seemed to be a shy, sensitive young actor. How has this past year been for you in terms of this nonstop thing on ‘New Moon’ and you and Rob Pattinson?

Stewart: I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with talking about myself and knowing that what you say people are really going to take into consideration and that always intimidated me so much that I minced every word that came out of my mouth. I couldn’t finish a sentence because I was so concerned about how it was going to sound. I didn’t want to come across insincere about something that I really love to do. So I realized that instead of refraining from saying I’ve put my heart and soul into this thing and I love it, that’s what I should’ve said instead of, like the really logical, over analytical reason why I love it. You just do. I’ve gotten more comfortable with. The whole rumor, tabloid stuff, it’s so obviously false to me. Look, even before I became a part of it, once I sort of became a star…it’s like a show. It’s like a ridiculous show.

Read the full interview here.

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