Friday, July 31, 2009

Twilight Hips Might Lie for Shakira, 'She Wolf,' and New Moon Soundtrack
Shakira and “She-Wolf” is the latest musical New Moon rumor to come down the Twilight pike. The soundtrack for the Twilight Saga sequel New Moon is picking up online Twilight steam and now that Twilight word has it that Shakira could be considered for the New Moon soundtrack. On recent Twilight weeks regarding the New Moon soundtrack, everyone from Coldplay to Kelly Clarkson have allegedly been considered for the New Moon soundtrack despite a lack of official Twilight confirmation.
But let’s take a look at this Shakira New Moon soundtrack music through a grounded Twilight eye.
With an upcoming album in the works, Shakira is making a new moon of her own with the release of her latest single, “She-Wolf.” Now one could make the Twilight and New Moon assumption that since the title is “She-Wolf’ that it MUST be under consideration for the New Moon soundtrack. Obviously New Moon has Twilight werewolf layers and the Shakira song is named “She-Wolf,” but that doesn’t mean anything. Does it mean that Shakir

Our Twilight question related to the New Moon soundtrack and the new Shakira song is: If this was under consideration for the New Moon soundtrack, why is it being released five months before the New Moon hits theatres? By the time Shakira releases her new album in October, one month ahead of New Moon, “She-Wolf” will have lost the immediacy of its fresh popularity and clout to help sell the New Moon soundtrack. To us it feels like it would be a wasted song slot on the New Moon soundtrack by that time. Although we don’t know for sure, this one seems like the words New Moon and the word “Wolf” from the new Shakira song are being linked together unnecessarily. Something Twilight doesn't feel right.
After so much talk of Twilight vampires, the New Moon shift to the werewolf aspect is a welcome Twilight change after so much emphasis has been placed upon the Robert Pattinson embodied Edward Cullen, who is the lead vampire setting hearts a-flutter aside from the Kristen Stewart embodied Bella Swan since the debut of Twilight in 2008. Although the Stephanie Meyer penned Twilight Saga has been the hot topic of the internet, it is nice to see Twilight focus turn to the werewolf, which includes Taylor Lautner and Jacob Black, since the vampire theme has also been dominating Twilight related internet searches. Although Shakira has a huge Latin American fan base that’s also in love with New Moon, the hips might lie on this one.


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