Thursday, June 18, 2009


Twilight fans – prepare yourselves! The New Moon movie will have its own twist on several scenes that appear in the book. Life & Style shares the newest plot secrets from the film’s set.

Bella takes bigger risks

Bella Swan’s a dirt-biking daredevil in New Moon, and the film has her taking her stunts to a higher level to make Edward appear. Kristen Stewart was spotted hopping on the back of a gang member’s motorcycle during the scene in which Jessica (Anna Kendrick) and Bella go to a movie theater.

Laurent fights back

The novel “talks about my character getting chased and destroyed by werewolves,” says Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent. But this evil vampire goes down swinging in a new action-packed scene added to the movie.

The shocking ending

After not saying “I love you” in Twilight, will Edward propose to Bella in the sequel? In the original story, Edward tells Bella he’ll turn her into a vampire only if they get married, but after obtaining the latest version of the New Moon script, Life & Style can exclusively report that Edward has a different bargaining chip up his sleeve.


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Melissa said...

It figures that no one can respect what the writer put on the pages and the things the fans loved about those pages, the stupid writer out there has to make it theirs because they are selfish and inconsiderate. I would have paid to watch the movie in the theaters, about 10 times as I had done with all the Harry Potters (who respected the story line) but now I will go and see it once as done with Twililght which was by far the worst rendition of the book you could have ever come up with!

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