Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Moon Star Robert Pattinson Hit by Cab in Manhattan

Twilight Saga star, Robert Pattinson, was struck by a New York city taxi on Thursday while trying to escape a throng of rabid Twilight and New Moon fans. In Manhattan to film his post New Moon movie, Remember Me, when the cab struck, Robert Pattinson was on a break from the shoot when he ran across the street at Broadway and 12th, gunning for his trailer in front of the Strand bookstore to avoid a Twilight mob of young female New Moon fans who were waiting for Pattinson in the rain on the sidewalk.
According to The New York Daily News, as Robert Pattinson crossed the New York City street the Twilight star narrowly missed a dangerous collision but was clipped on the hip by the Manhattan taxi cab.
Although Robert was lucky to avoid serious injury (remember, he’s not a real vampire), Pattinson was momentarily stunned, as reported by Radar Online. Apparently, the outlet was on hand when the Robert Pattinson cab clip trip occurred, revealing that at around noon New York time, Pattinson, the Twilight and New Moon heartthrob, was clipped by a cab in front of the Strand Bookstore.
Prior to the incident, which is more accurate that Robert Pattinson was "grazed" by the New York taxi cab, a team of five bodyguards fended off the swelling Twilight crowd outside of the bookstore while Robert tried to make a break for his trailer across the street when he made "slight" contact with the taxi. Once cab contact was made with Robert Pattinson, the taxi driver slammed the brakes. As a stunned Pattinson shook off the cab, the bodyguard closest to the Twilight Saga star gave Robert a check-over for obvious injury before screaming at the rabid Robert Pattinson mob, 'You see what you did, you almost killed him!'.


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