Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Make-up to Offer New Moon Lips of Robert Pattinson in a Bottle?

Since the release of Twilight in 2008, we’ve seen everything from Twilight Saga T-shirts, Twilight action figures, and plush toys to the Twilight DVD and posters. But that’s just the tip of the Twilight Saga merchandise iceberg as the Stephenie Meyer based Twilight sequel, New Moon, creeps closer to its November theatrical release. Still, the scramble is on to find the next great Twilight product tie-in and the latest is a Twilight Saga make-up line that may be the next big Twilight thing that New Moon fans embrace.
As word of the new Twilight make-up line comes down the New Moon pike, we can't think of too many Twilight fans, especially the younger Twilighters, who wouldn’t want to apply the same make-up used in New Moon to give the vampire characters that anemic, full-lipped look. Whether this turns out to be a huge Twilight Saga marketing boom remains to be seen, but all Twilight fanatics out there will be able to get their hands on a Twilight inspired make-up line from DuWop, the same company that gave us Lip Venom and supplied the cosmetics to the New Moon production and gave Robert Pattinson those blood red lips.
According to recent online reports, it appears the Twilight version of Lip Venom will be separated so that half of the plumper will look like blood, which means it won’t be long before everyone we pass on the street will either look like they bit their lip or just slurped back a cherry popsicle.
So now that we’ll be able to get the same lips as Robert Pattinson from New Moon, where will all of this Twilight merchandise make-up lead? It's certainly possible that by the time the third Twilight Saga film, Eclipse, is in full production swing, we'll see a huge real life Cullen clan of Twilight fans with blood red lips with accompanying pale white vampire foundation. Perhaps the early Bella Swan look of Kristen Stewart may be the better way to go in the end.


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