Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashley Greene hits the gym for Eclipse!

Twilight star Ashley Greene has been hitting the gym recently to prepare for the grueling fight sequences in Twi sequel Eclipse, which will begin production Aug. 17 through Oct. 31 in Vancouver.
Greene, 22, plays the pixie-ish vampire Alice Cullen in Twilight and its sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, which are being filmed back-to-back. Because the sequels are more action-oriented than the original film, several members of the ensemble cast have been feverishly working out for their roles.
Ashley told RadarOnline that she has been working out with a personal trainer, doing yoga, kayaking and lots of cardio.
"I usually do Pilates," she said. "But I worked with an amazing trainer who really catered my workouts to what I like to do. He'd say, 'you like to go kayaking? Let's go kayaking."

Similarly, Greene's co-star, Taylor Lautner, has also had to step up his workouts to play the hulking shape-shifting werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight sequels. Lautner, 17, has gained 30 lbs. of muscle over the past few months by working out constantly and eating around the clock.
The unexpected mainstream popularity of the Twilight franchise will keep its young cast busy (and buff!) until at least 2010. Production on New Moon has just wrapped, and its sequel, Eclipse, is set to begin shooting soon. After that, Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment in the best-selling Twilight book series, will begin shooting.

All the Twilight sequels are scheduled to be released back-to-back, with New Moon slated for release in November 2009; Eclipse set for June 2010 and Breaking Dawn the following fall.


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