Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taylor Lautner Talks 'New Moon' Wolf Pack

Get ready to meet the werewolves of New Moon, which hits theaters on November 20.

Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob Black, spilled some details about his buff buddies at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night.

He explained to MTV, "He's pissed off a lot in this movie. He is pissed off for many different reasons." So for that reason, he needs some friends to back him up.

"We've got Sam Uley, who leads the pack. We all follow him. He's the alpha. And then we've got Jared and Paul—Jared is a funny guy, a real jokester—and Bronson [Pelletier], who plays him, in real life is the same way, so he does that well. Paul is the hothead. He goes out with my girl, and I tear him to shreds. And then there's Kiowa [Gordon] who plays Embry—he's my best friend."

He also dished about an altered scene in the movie, which slightly changes the character of Quil Ateara to reflect his "smoothness" with the ladies, or funny lack thereof.

"Me and Bella—I'm sorry, Bella and I—are working on the bikes, and Embry and Quil come in," Lautner explained. "Quil's checking out Bella [and trying to be smooth] and is like, 'Hey, I'm Quil. Quil Ateara.' It's a really funny scene, and the two were really great in it."

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