Friday, August 14, 2009

Rumor: Three Twilight Breaking Dawn Films

A report has sprung up at the Acting 411 Blog claiming the final Twilight book, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, will be split into three films. The original Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse, set to start shooting this month, are all single films. The report claims "sources" provided the information but does not list them, hardly a ringing endorsement for fact without the backing of an official Summit announcement. If you take a step back and put yourself in Summit's news, the theoretical move makes all the sense in the world.
The Twilight phenomena has reached astronomical proportions, bolstered this past week by sales of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight novels surpassing Harry Potter. Unlike Potter which Warner Bros. Pictures has turned into eight films, there are only four Twilight books to work from.
By breaking the final Twilight film into three parts shot concurrently, Summit Entertainment can effectively triple their earnings from the single purchase price for the rights to the Breaking Dawn book. More importantly, they can stretch out Twilight into 2012 if necessary and use every day between now and then to draw in new fans and sell multiple versions of the previously released Twilight films on home video.
Also think of how many now 6 to 8 year-old girls can be exposed to Twilight with a couple extra years in the mainstream media. Better practice covering your ears now, just in case.

3 Breaking Dawn movies? What do you think guys? Hmm.


natalhy1005 said...

Hope its true really really hope they make 3 movies and how bout adding a lil bit more Edward in the movie GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!

jackeline said...

well I want to read the last book but at the same time I fell like I dont want to...cuz like i said it is the last book... however I'm so glad that the movie gonna be split up into three parts (which I hope)...cuzz I wanna see more "TAYLOR' in there......-JN <3 twilight...
PS. Well """Natalhy"" I'm team Jacob!!!!!!GO JAKE GO JAKE ......

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