Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Official ‘New Moon’ Movie Trailer Releases on Aug 14

new moon movie poster image

According to my sources the first official movie trailer for the highly anticipated “New Moon” film is set to be shown in theaters during the previews before the feature presentation of the new family,musical, movie, “Bandslam” which is due out on August 14,2009. This “Bandslam” movie just hit the marketing jackpot if a lot of “Twilight Saga” fans hear about this. Heck if nothing else, they’ll at least try and find out more of what “Bandslam” is about because of the attention from “New Moon” or maybe not. Who knows? I do know it can’t hurt the film.

I’ve already seen a lot of sites promoting “Bandslam” ,and it’s movie trailer just because of the “New Moon” trailer news so it’s already helping. “Bandslam’s” plot is about a 16 yr old boy who has to relocate to another school when his mom gets a new job in New Jersey. He eventually forms a band,and competes in a major band contest entitled none other than , “Bandslam”. It will star :Alyson Michalka, (Highschool Musical star)Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelen Connell, and Lisa Kudrow.

They have targeted “Bandslam” because it’s audience will most likely be the same demographics that “New Moon” will have for the most part. Also Summit Entertainment is the movie studio for the “Twilight Saga” films and “Bandslam” so there’s another correlation for you. Basically Summit Entertainment wants to help promote it’s less high profile movie with it’s more high profile movie with the correct demographics so they can in turn make more money on both fronts. I say Kudos. I just wish I was in on it. I will post a “Bandslam” movie trailer later on,today.

Mark your calendars, guys! :)


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