Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twilight wars: The fan divide over Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Jacob-New-Moon.jpgTHERE'S no doubt that the Twilight book and film franchise has generated a massive following, particularly for Robert Pattinson who plays vampire heart-throb Edward Cullen.

But he's not the only male cast member to be getting attention. An increasing number of fans are focusing on Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in Twilight and its upcoming sequel New Moon.
Various images online, including this fan creation from Grodansnagel on DeviantArt, are proving popular with his admirers.

There have been some dubious and unsubstantiated tabloid reports of tension and jealousy between Pattinson and Lautner on the New Moon set - some even suggesting the actors were involved in physical fights because Taylor has a larger role and more scenes with Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan (even though this follows the story in the original novel).

But while that rivalry between the actors is almost certainly nonsense, there is definitely a rivalry between the fans.

Online, there's a clear divide between Team Edward and Team Jacob - and those are the terms actually used by either side. But who is your favourite and why? Can Lautner Love ever be a rival to Pattinson Power!?

It's clear that passions run high; for instance there is one Facebook page claiming Lautner is better than Pattinson because his teeth, tan, muscles and body hygiene are far superior!

Lautner is only 17 and was named one of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People of 2009. His character Jacob Black is a member of the Quileute (a real-world native American tribe living in Washington state) and one of an ancient line of werewolves, who are enemies of the vampires. He stars along several other actors who are also werewolves, as revealed earlier in this official photograph.

In the first book, Jacob plays a key part in Bella Swan discovering Edward is a vampire. In New Moon, Edward leaves - Bella and Jacob then develop a growing friendship that takes various twists and turns and tests her loyalties.

Jacob is a larger, older character in New Moon, so there were reports of recasting the role because Lautner lacked the physicality.

One Tree Hill actor Michael Copon had said on his Facebook page that he had been chosen to replace Lautner but that proved to be a premature announcement. In January it was confirmed that Lautner would continue in the role and he went on an intense work-out regime - putting on about 30 pounds - to meet the physical requirements.

Meanwhile, a new hunk is set to enter the equation when the third novel, Eclipse, is made into a movie.
Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is keen for Channing Tatum to play vampire Riley in the Eclipse film.
At this rate, the Twilight hunkometer will reach boiling point and fan interest will be a hotbed of hysteria. Will we then see a Team Tatum emerge in the Twilight community?


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