Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robert Pattinson is the antagonist of New Moon? 
California - So days ago when New Moon prod team finally revealed the poster of the upcoming sequel of Stephenie Meyer's phenomenal vampire book turned into a worldwide hit flick. Three characters graced the poster, and it turns out (like the story from the book), "New Moon" will highlight the love story of the karate boy turned werewolf Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.

Sorry for those Robert Pattinson fans (that includes me, darn), Rob Pattinson is somewhat the "semi-antagonist" of New Moon. By interpreting the poster enhanced by photoshop, Taylor Lautner's character Jacob is trying to protect Bella from the bloodsucker 108 year old pale hottie vampire named Edward Cullen played by Pattinson.

I remember director Chris Weitz revelation that a lot of CGI Robert Pattinson will be seen, for those New Moon fans not familiar with CGI -- it's a computer generated or enhanced effect thing. Meaning, Robert Pattinson's participation in New Moon was kinda limited. With the antagonist thing, I'm not still sure if the prod team sticked to the exact same story of Meyer's book, or they changed the whole thing to please the fans of Robert Pattinson.
Die hard Edward Cullen fans, do you agree? xD

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